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Basic information

  • Area: 175.5 km² (67.76 sq mi)
  • Calling Code: +44 141
  • Currency: Pound Sterling - GBP (£)
  • Population (EST): 580,690
  • Official language: English, Scots
  • Time Zone: GMT (UTC0)

Glasgow - Getting Around

Airport Transfers

Transport links from Glasgow City Airport into the city centre are extremely comprehensive and if you’re not driving there are a number of ways to travel. The most convenient form of public transport is the Glasgow Flyer Airport Express bus which picks up passengers from outside the airport terminal into Glasgow, via all major city hotels, Glasgow Central rail station and Strathclyde University. Another excellent bus service is the AirLink cityService which also carries passengers into the city centre but via the West End and the attractions that are located here.

To reach the city by train it is necessary to travel one mile away from the airport to Paisley Gilmore Street Station by bus (public bus 66) or taxi. Train services run regularly with up to 8 every hour (5 per hour on Sundays) and tickets can be purchased within the airport. Also available at any time of the day are taxis. They are required to be metered by law and a one-way trip into the city will cost around £20.

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Glasgow has an excellent bus service and there is a bus route that will take you to any part of the city. A day ticket on any First operated bus will cost £3.50 and can be used as many times in that day as you like. Watch out at rush hour though as the streets around the city centre can get quite busy.

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The Renfrew/ Yoker ferry has linked these two northern Glasgow suburbs since the 17th century. Despite having a fixed schedule the ferries will operate as many boats as is necessary to transport all waiting passengers.

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As with most big British cities it is easy to travel by taxi in Glasgow. Look out for London style black cabs that can be hailed down in the street or found at one of the many taxi ranks around the city. If planning ahead a mini-cab company may well be cheaper although these must be pre-booked in order for the insurance to be valid.

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Strathclyde Partnership for Transport run the public transport services in the city and provide an integrated ticketing system that can be used on the buses, trains and underground. A number of different ticket types are available and which type to choose will depend on the length of stay and where you plan to go! Find more information on their website www.spt.so.uk.

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Local trains are a great way to reach the suburbs whilst avoiding the busy roads. Most services run regularly throughout the day but it is advisable to check departure times before setting out.

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Known as the “Clockwork Orange” Glasgow’s underground metro network runs a circular route around the city centre, with stops at a number of the city’s main attractions. A flat fare of £1.20 is applied to all travel or a day pass can be purchased for £3.50.

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